Do you need a Sprinkler Inspection?

Typically, you will find fire sprinkler inspections are required annually, semiannually, quarterly and sometimes monthly. The inspection schedule is determined by the local code, the building type and which components are used in your fire sprinkler system.

Inspection vs Testing

Many people tend to use the word “inspection” when describing both fire sprinkler inspections and fire sprinkler testing. However, there is a difference between inspections and testing.

An “inspection” requires the technician to visually inspect the device, like a sprinkler head. If the sprinkler head looks normal and it is not obstructed or has anything within 18 inches of the deflector, it usually passes inspection.

“Testing” a fire sprinkler system is when a technician tests the function of the fire sprinkler components. Since many fire sprinkler systems are tied into the fire alarm panels, there are additional testing requirements to ensure the fire alarm panel is activated when testing the fire sprinkler system.

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