Multi / Single-family & Mixed-Use Residences

Red Hawk Fire Protection supports a wide range of residential fire protection needs. We handle everything from concept of design to permits and installation, to final inspection of your completed residential fire sprinkler project.

A single-family residence may require fire protection depending on the location of the home, but even if not required, a fire protection system adds value and safety that outweighs the cost.
If a home fire occurs, the risk of dying decreases 80% when the home is equipped with a fire sprinkler system, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Additionally, most homeowner’s insurance policies give discounts for homes with fire sprinklers.

Apartments and condominiums are considered multi-family projects and fire codes require fire protection in most cases.
A residential facility that shares a fire protection system with commercial spaces such as restaurants, retail spaces, or parking garages is considered a mixed-use project.

Red Hawk Fire Protection has many years of experience in all these areas. Here are just a few of our recent projects:

Project List

(for the privacy of our homeowners we are not listing single family homes)


Maverick Apartments, Burien Town Center

Red Hawk Fire Protection designed, built and installed Fire Protection Systems that included dry systems in the garage levels and wet systems in the 6-levels of apartments.

Modera South Lake Union, Seattle

RHFP provided Fire Protection Systems that consist of 2-levels of dry systems and 7-levels of wet systems.

JUXT, Seattle

RHFP provided design/build services, fabrication and installation of Fire Protection Systems consisting of 2-levels of dry systems and 7-levels of wet systems with a class I standpipe thoughout.

Westlake Steps, Seattle

Provided design build services, fabrication and installation of Fire Protection Systems in this 9-level apartment complex.


Cornish: Cornish Student Housing

Install a fire protection system in a 16 level high rise building to include fire pump, tank controls, standpipe, dry and wet fire sprinklers systems.

Seattle University Student Housing
Everett Community College Student Housing
Puyallup Tribe of Indians Elder Care Center

Other Projects

  • Metro 112-Bellevue
  • Redmond 148
  • Athlon Apartments
  • South Lake Union Apartments
  • Greenwood Apartments
  • Aegis Living (assisted living facility)

And many others!


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